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Nvidia 8800 + Y Cable = multi monitor


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I'm trying for a triple monitor setup with an 8800gt. The 8800 has dual dvi heads, has anyone tried splitting one of the heads into two monitors using a y cable?

If I use a y cable to split the dvi output to two monitors, can nvidia drivers be configured to allow for an extended desktop, as opposed to cloning?

I've read that integrated cards can only get you a cloned screen, but nvidia has supported multi monitors using y cable for many years. I've also read that getting a second graphics card is the easiest option, however I've only got the one pcie slot so it'd have to be a pci card. Triplehead2go is out of my budget so can't go there.


All a Y cable will do is send exactly the same image to 2 screens. It is physically impossible for a simple Y cable to output 2 different images. Any cable that does this is already being fed 2 images from the graphics card and the cable just sends one image to each monitor.

To get a triple monitor setup without a second graphics card will require some other hardware such as the very expensive Matrox TripleHead2Go device that takes a single output and splits it to 2 or 3 monitors (the graphics card just sees the device as a single, very widescreen display). Or the much cheaper option is to get a USB graphics card such as This to use as well as both outputs from your current card.



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There's a dell studio hybrid which has a dvi head, this guy seems to get a dvi to vga and dvi cable and have an extended desktop. The first link is the guys posts, the second link shows some pictures, note the dvi head.

Extend Desktop on Dual Monitor on Studio Hybrid - DELL COMMUNITY

Dell Studio Hybrid Desktop PC – Mini Desktop Computer | Get Pc Memory

I thought at first, it has to be some dms59 head which is designed for dual dvi, but this doesn't seem to be the case, it seems like it's achieved on a software level. Does anyone have any hands on experience with nvidia and y cables?

Like I said already the triplehead2go is out of my budget so can't go there.

I've heard the usb graphics cards are a bit unstable, how do their performance compare with an old pci video card, can you recommend any pci video cards?

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