Nvidia 8800 GTX problems with 1080p refresh rates


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Hi folks,

Well I just built myself a new PC ready for the HD formats that are here already, its now got enough grunt to play bluray/hd-dvd as well as matroska based h264 1080p content. Yay. I also decided to go all the way and get an 8800 GTX so that i could play a few games at 1080p reasonably on my 1080p panasonic AE1000E projector.

Its all working ok, i'm just starting to migrate apps over from my old machine.

I've just hit a bit of a problem though, my last machine used a 6800 and was able via powerstrip and the standard nvidia options to select various resolutions and refresh rates..

1920x1080p @ 60hz - the standard res and refresh rates for most things
1920x1080p @ 50hz - the res to get your PAL dvd's reclocking smoothly
1920x1080p @ 24hz - the res to play hd-dvd content, h264s, and NTSC dvds which have 24fps content embedded in 30fps NTSC, removed via IVTC

Reclock would lock down and at 24fps especially i felt good using my PC as few off the shelf components can seemingly do the IVTC and 24fps output properly.

Just got my new 8800 GTX, and came to setup powerstrip resolutions, only to find that the custom resolutions was greyed out. More probing revealed that the powerstrip author has no plans to support the 8xxx series of cards, as they're so different to cards before.. gutted!!!!

I then dabble with nvidia's own resolution hacking, upgrading to the latest 158.22 drivers seemed to fix the problem that after the HD wizard ran the next reboot after pluggin in my projector via DVI->HDMI lead it was only letting it output 1080i... 1920x1080p @ 60hz was working well. Go to try and change to any other resolution/refresh rates and it just resorted to 1920x1080i @ 60hz.. try adding custom resolutions and after hearing about how adding a resolution and testing it wasn't properly setting the resolution, you have to say yes, then retest it.. doing this lead to some black screens.. without a shortcut to switch back to my VGA display output and my tradiitonal monitor i was forced to blindly shutdown.

Basically thats where its at.. i can have 1080p and i both at 60hz and thats it.. quite frankly for watching videos its NOT good enough.. please tell me this is an issue that other people have come across and fixed? I've tried downloading rivatuner which has some options for refresh rates but its not looking like it'll help.

I'm quite seriously considering what to do, i may have to stick another graphics card in there, not easy as the 8800 GTX is massive and hot... £400 NOT well spent at the moment :(

someone help :) please


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I have just purchased the 8600GTS and like you I used to use Powerstrip on my old 7600 only to find it no longer works with 8xxx series.

I installed the same drivers as you and was able to set the resolutions as shown in pics with very little effort. I'm connected DVI>HDMI to my Sony 55".



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did you have to add those modes or were they just there by default?

I'm guessing its all about how the display talks back to the PC.. annoyingly though the device blatantly supports it, and more importantly my last machine was able to set the resolutions correctly no problem.

Oh one thing, were you able to look through your displays menus and actually confirm that it was receiving the input that windows said it was set to?

Its just i can set all these resolutions fine, its just they end up reverting to either 1080i, or 1080p at 60hz as reported by the menu on my projector.

I'm very very miffed :(


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I had to add the modes.

My TV only only reports the the 1080p bit not the actual refresh rate, I guess I only assume it's receiving the refresh rate it's set to because if I set it outside of it's range the Sony then tells me it's "unsupported mode" and the screen goes black.


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Im having this problem too, I have just upgraded to a 8800 GTS with latest Nvidia drivers and I cant select 1080p 50Hz. I have a sony bravia 1080p TV. I can only get 1080p 60Hz. Come on Nvidia SORT IT OUT!!! I had no problems with my old 7950GT!!


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Just an update..

The latest (162.18) beta NVIDIA driver has fixed my problems with 1080p framerates and my projector.. YAY!!!

I still have some problems with super smooth HD-DVDs at 24hz, but its generally improved a lot...

I don't know if this driver is a good driver, but it'll be the one i fallback on whenever i need to get my projector working how it should!!!

Thankfully not EDID messing will be needed :)


I've just purchased a JVC-HD1 only to discover I have the same issue. The best I've managed, and I'm not sure how, is to get 1920x1080i @ 60Hz

I'm using the latest Beta drivers (162.18)

Did anyone get this working?
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