Nvidia 6200 causes pc to reboot


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Sep 10, 2004
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Just went out and bought a geforce 6200 to see if it would fair any better than my 9600 se for hidef playback, installed the card and it seemed to be running ok, switched to live tv and tried to change the zoom setting and the pc rebooted, now when it boots up it boots into windows shows the mce logo as it starts and then reboots. HEEEEEEELLLLLPPPP, ive tried everthing bar removing the card and putting the ati back in.
Boot into safe mode and untick automatically restart under System\advanced\startup and Recovery. Try a different driver.
Installed the drivers on supplied cd and it ran ok for about 5 mins then i started to get lots of weird flashing blocks and strange artifacts on the screen whilst playing shrek 2 hidef, looked like when u overlock the card too much and you get graphical corruption (its not overclocked) then it froze flashed up the blue screen o death and rebooted. I am running it in a shuttle pc , it couldnt be getting too hot could it, ati never overheated and that was severley overclocked.
Unticked automatic restart and this is what the bue screen tells me.

The problem seems to be caused by the following file nv4_disp
The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop.

Whats causing this and how do i fix it, tried 2 different driver versions now and both do the same.
I'm gonna have to put the ati back in for now as I use mce as my main tv frontend, I f anyone can figure out whats happening and why it wont work I would be very gratefull.
Did you fully un-install all ati drivers when your removed the card - I'm not sure that this would affect the nvidia card, but it would be tidier :thumbsup:

Similarly, did you uninstall the nvidia drivers before re-installing them? Have you checked their website for the latest MCE compatible drivers (maybe these came with ur card...)?
Yes I uninstalled the ati drivers and downloaded the latest mce drivers for the 6200 also tried the xp ones but still had same effect, had to take it out in the end as it just kept locking the machine up, put the ati back in and all is fine again (apart from some slight juddering on hi def stuff).

I had similar problems with a 6600GT card I used... infinte loop... BSOD.. rebooting on MCE startup etc and never got it sorted.

I spent weeks trying every driver and setting I could and no luck... managed to get it swapped for a 9800pro and all good now..

I posted my problems here:

I found the whole problem really annoying and frustrating and still don't know why it was happening..



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