Nvidia 6150 and Widescreen


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Hi all,

Got the PC up and runing but the first hurdle is getting it to display the full 1366x768 on my LCD TV.

I've got a Sharp GA3 LCD which is known for being able to set the res at 1360 or 1368 and I've download the new ForceWare drivers but after creating a resolution of 1360x768, the TV switches to a maximum 1024x768.

Mode is dot by dot by the way.




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Forgot to say I'm using DVI.


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Hi, what Mobo are you using with this, I have the Gigabyte and have a similar problem. I am using S video out to my TV and it does give widescreen but is larger than the size of the actual screen.
I have tried custom res and it just seems to switch back to what ever it feels like when the TV is on. I was thinking it may be recieving/reading something from the TV which makes it choose a resolution?

I have also tried to find a manual for the 6150 but no luck, have you got anything?

Sorry not able to help though!

cheers, jim


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I think your problems going to be with the EDID information mate (information provided by your display)...
If it doesnt output that it can accept that resolution (which is highly likely) then your NVIDIA card just wont do it. ATi are less strict on this standard and will let you override the information if you wish.

Not very well explained but i hope it makes sense...
If you need more help let me know and ill try and explain better.



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There is an overscan option in the Nvidia display manager, try having a look at that.


Thanks for the that, got it sorted now though. There was a setting on the LCD to view 1024, 1280 or 1366. Wasn't the PC at all !!



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