Nvidia 3D vision help please


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Hi, I've tried searching around the site but I can't seen to find any posts that helps me with what I need to know.

I'm wondering if the kit I have in the living room will allow me to upgrade to a 3D projector with Nvidia 3D vision running on the pc.

I've got a Sony DN-1000 amp

My pc connects to the amp via a 5m hdmi 1.3 cable, and my current projector connects to the amp via a 3m hdmi 1.3 cable (which i cant change, its hiding behind the plaster on the walls now)

So, i guess my main questions are: can the amp handle sending the signal through? and will it work over hdmi 1.3?

Money is tight atm, so i don't want to be changing my amp. I'd be hoping to sell my projector (samsung a400b) and put the money towards a 3D ready one, could anyone recommend a replacement that would be near the price i could sell it for please?

thanks for reading, it's given me a headache thinking about it so i hope someone can help :)


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Due to high demand for this classic audio amplifier, audio parts companies now sell DIY kits that emulate "The Monster." You can build your own by purchasing the parts as part of a kit --- or individually.


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