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Does the Wii come with a Nunchuck as standard. I didn't think it did, but i was in a Gamestation tonight and asked whether they could sell me one, the assistant said yes but one already came with the console and i'd need another controller to use it. as they didn't have controllers i did'nt bother.
Was he talking b****cks? If so i'll nip round and get one before they're sold out.
It comes with one remote and one nunchuck fella

Easiest way to get a remote is to buy Wiiplay which comes with a remote and a nunchuck seperate


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The Wii comes with both the WiiMote and the Nunchuck, basically the Nunchuck plugs into the bottom of the WiiMote, and thats the only way it will work (you cant use it on its own). So the only way you can use another Nunchuck is to buy another WiiMote.

As per this pic

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