Number of usable PCI slots on mATX boards


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Sep 29, 2002
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I am thinking about getting a strata 390 case. Thing is with this though, it needs a microATX MB. Is it possible to use all 3 PCI slots on one of these if you also use the AGP slot (i.e. could i have a radeon, an maudio revo, a nebula and an analogue capture card for sky svid)?

It depends on the motherboard but yes they are usually 1 AGP and 3 PCI, all of which are available to use at the same time.
Excellent, the MB I had in mind was the ASUS P4P800-VM. For some reason I had it in my head that there was a problem using the slot next to the AGP one, thinking about it I don't see why it should be as they both have separate interfaces with the CPU don't they. I suppose there may be a physical restriction due to the height of components on the video card, have to wait and see.

I can vouch for the ASUS P4P800-VM, good stable M/B, I use this for my HTPC in a Cooler master ATC-610 case

I have installed a 9600 pro graphics card, an X-card and PDI capture card.

I leave one spare slot next to the AGP to allow for heat dissipation, graphics card generate a surprising amount of heat.

I used this spare slot for the SPDIF OUT riser this connects off the motherboard for digital sound out to my amp. The riser is optional and was available from Komplett for about £12.

It is usually the graphics card that wipes out the first PCI slot if it has a huge cooler on it and not any technical reason.
You are correct some graphics cards do have big heatsinks and fans, NVIDIA comes to mind, but the HIS ATI 9600pro I use has the ATI standard spec cooler and does allow a PCI card next to the AGP slot, but as I said the graphics card does chuck out a fair amount of heat I ‘m just allowing it room to breath.


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