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Number of blu-ray / HD DVD you own now


Standard Member
i have been buying like crazy for the last two months.
buying from amazon.com, amazon.ca, local stores and trading,
i now have over 75 blu-rays.
feeling a bit scary when thinking back the money i spent..:(

New Start Neil

Distinguished Member
  • Rambo Boxset (Region A).
  • Rocky Balboa (Region B).
  • Escape From New York (Region B).
  • Casino Royale (Region B).
  • The Shawshank Redemption (Region A).
  • The Police Certifiable: Live in Buenos Aires (Region B).
  • The Dark Knight (Region A).
  • Transformers (Region B).
  • Sex And The City (Region B).
  • Die Hard Quadrilogy (Region A).
  • Terminator 2 (Region A).


Prominent Member
Ive got 91 Blu Rays and about 15 HD DVDs
Ive actually double dipped on some movies too (like re-buying band of brothers on Blu Ray even though I have the HD DVDs that came out in Japan)

Well, almost at 100 (blu rays) :D

Deleted member 36193

7 Blu Rays and struggling to find anything worth adding for the money they want.


Prominent Member
I had about 120 HD-DVD's at one time, got rid of my EP30 and XBOX add-ons and now only have about 10 HD-DVD's left to sell, got about 15 Blu-Rays.
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Distinguished Member
After the recent very good 3 for 2 offers on Play and Amazon and also recently discovering the classified section on here I'm now up to 65 blu rays.


Personally i have 3 blu rays, but my father has got around 45 just over the last 3 months - so i use him as a rental service without charges or late return fees.:thumbsup:

Dark Drums

Established Member
7 Blu Rays and struggling to find anything worth adding for the money they want.

Currently I too own seven discs and pretty much share your point of view.

Unless it's a major upgrade (such as Blade Runner/Close Encounters') I'm certainly not going to double dip until we see the sub £10 mark being broken regularly.

Having said that, I'm about to splash the cash on the US versions of Death Proof and Zodiac:thumbsup:
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Distinguished Member
I have 52 Blues and 52 HDDVD's

wow thats nice and even :thumbsup:


Distinguished Member
Too damn many.

Roughly 150 HD-DVD and a couple hundred blu.

Changes month to month though.


Distinguished Member
HD DVD : 101
Blu-Ray : 77


Established Member
I think I have around 26 blu rays. There are a good few out now and coming out but I will have to limit my self to buying 2 in the next couple of months :mad: Hopefully there will be more recent titles in the 3 for 2 offers around.


Established Member
Hi Folks:hiya:

150 : HD DVD.
186 : BD.

Wouldn't like to guess how much this has cost me in a few short years.:eek:

Steve McQueef

Distinguished Member
240 discs altogether. That's a mix of HD DVD and Blu-ray, with Blu-ray the clear dominator. They're mixed together in alphabetical order, so I can't be arsed counting each format individually. I haven't counted the Bourne Trilogy on Blu-ray which is on its way, as I counted it in my current HD DVDs. That'd be cheating...


Distinguished Member
35 HD DVD's and 64 Blu Rays since July last year. I wanted to get some HD DVD's before the format disappeared.


Distinguished Member
Heh, seems like I have the least Blu's in here - only 2 at the moment:

Transformers - demo disc
Terminator 2 - my favourite action film

Looking to get Blade Runner as well, but like a few others have stated, I am struggling to find many that I can justify spending more than £10 on. Also, I've realised that I hardly ever watch a film more than once or twice, so until some of our other favourites (Indy, Back to the future, Heat) are released on blu-ray, we'll stick with the dvds and a select few blu-rays. The rest is rental :)


Established Member
Way too many of both I suppose, but I bought my first HD DVD before even getting a player (RCA version of the Toshiba HD-A1 back in July 2006). Really good deals were hard to find before late Auguest 2007, so my HD DVD count was VERY slow to grow. However, that Autumn was when BD sales started hitting hard, and HD DVD started trying to keep up. Those sales led to my picking up enough BD exclusives that I felt compelled to get a player (BD-P1000). During that period through CES2008, there were a LOT of great prices for both formats and I took adventage of them.

I've always tried pretty hard to stick to titles that really interest me, as well as with SD DVD and LD (got loads of both.) I've also tried to avoid duplicating titles in my other formats, unless I saw a clear advantage or it was a film I especially like. I've had a few failures in both endeavor's, but not too bad all-in-all :)! I'm still open to buying HD DVD given the right title and the right price, but at about 200, it's well nigh impossible for me to find further titles of interest. Whereas, as further BD titles become available, and sales show up to facilitate selective purchase, I continue to partake -- the count having just exceeded my HD DVD collection in the last two weeks.

As I said, too many! I'm just glad they weren't at anywhere near full price, and I fly with used where condition, price, and availability make it feasible!
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