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number 21 in the human development chart


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I blame "General Chat"


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Well, Norway has petrodollars coming out of every orifice, so I can't say I'm suprised at that. Iceland is now effectively bankrupt having got to number 3 in the charts by spending everyone else's money, so will drop rapidly. France is France and don't really care about this kind of stuff so long as they come above the UK. And Ireland is currently busting after booming. And would you really want to be like the Dutch? And Canada gets very very cold in winter. So number 21 isn't too bad.


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So the difference in HDI between UK at 21st and Norway at 1st is only 0.024. Where as between the UK and Niger (182nd) 0.607. An absolutely MASSIVE difference!

Life expectancy is lowest in Afghanistan (well they do have some problems...) at 43.6 years compared to the UK at 79.3 and Japan at the top with 82.7


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It must be the Scots and the Welsh dragging us down

;) :D I'm joking :)

la gran siete

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well these sorts of survey dont tell the whole picture and only serve to give academics something to ruminate over and back their opinions with

Matt W

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HDI readings are pretty good as these measurements go, far better than GDP, GVA or the like...


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I'm surprised the UK is so high in the human development chart ;) ;)


Matt W

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I just spat coffee all over my monitor. :thumbsup:


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I wonder if the fact 1/8th of the UK population is crammed into an area constituting a mere 1/150th of the country's total land mass has anything to do with us being lower down the leagues when it comes to quality of life? The idea of living in a pokey £200,000 one-bedroom flat isn't exactly aspirational.


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