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Hello all. I've been using AVF as a resource for various bits of info for a long while, but have just now joined.

Thank you very much for all the unrecognized help I've received over the years.

I have a question for those of you in the same situation I'm in: 2 Amps, 1 set of speakers.

I've been using the Niles Audio amp switcher for years. The L/R of both systems connect to the switcher, one set of cables out to the speakers. It uses a trigger system. One system is the default, and the switcher switches to the other upon the trigger triggering.

I have no real complaints with this setup. It has served me well.

But as we're all all too accustomed to doing, my curiosities have gotten the best of me and I've started to seek out a better alternative, if one exists.

I've recently discovered the Beresford Audio TC-7220 MkII which serves the same function (but allows for 2 in 2 out). I've read all 2 reviews I could find, both of them favorable. I've also read what limited info from forums I could find.

So to my question: Do any of you have experience with both? Is there one noticing better than the other?

I definitely like the auto-switching of the Niles v manual switching, especially since my systems will be migrating to a closet very soon. I'm wondering more about signal fidelity. Is the Beresford a superior device when it comes to transporting the audio signal?

Thanks in advance.

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