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Hi i have a Samsung DVD-SH875m, i de regioned it so i could play my Canon camcorder on it which i bought in the US and is NTSC, although it plays now through the DVD when i try to record it says it cannot recoed this media as my DVD is a UK model and i presume PAL. is there a way round this


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I don't know if there is a way around your problem but Panasonic hard drive-dvd recorders will record ntsc quite happily.



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No experience of Samsung, but on Pioneer and (some?) Sony machines, there is a setting in the menu for input TV system. If there is an equivalent setting on your Samsung, you need to set this to 525 or NTSC or whatever. Note that it won't be able to make any (eg timed) recordings of PAL TV whilst this is set at NTSC or 525, so set it back to PAL or 625 afterwards.

(Oh, and, as an aside; de-regioning the thing wasn't necessary for this. Region coding and TV standard aren't directly related. De-regioning enables playback of commercial DVDs from other regions; has nothing to do with PAL vs NTSC nor anything at all to do with recording).

EDIT I found a pdf of the user manual online and in a fairly quick scan couldn't see any reference to ability to record NTSC. If it won't, then don't even begin to consider trying to convert your NTSC video to PAL; to do so will degrade the image. And the necessary equipment to make even a part decent job of it will cost more than a new recorder would.

You could use a PC - that, too, will degrade the image, but won't cost what a standalone converter will cost. And be prepared for it to take a long time to render, too.

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