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    I run a Marantz4100OSE, multi-regioned, connected with S-VIDEO via Marantz SR4200 amp to SONY 4:3 TV (OK, so I ran out of money and couldn't justify dumping my original set...), and have both R1 and R2 DVDs in my collection.

    When I tried to watch a R1 DVD (TOY STORY) across the S-VIDEO connection, and having disabled (forgive me here, this is from memory) "black shift mode", the picture 'flashed' (on and off), and caused the TV to keep throwing up the AV port onscreen display. Switched to composite video, and no problem. Returned to S-VIDEO and found the only way of preventing this from happening was to enable the black shift mode.

    The reason I disabled the mode in the first place was because it gave the colours a pale, washed-out look, compared with not using it, so I can have strong colours but on a slightly fuzzy composite video link, or a lovely sharp s-video connection with watery colours !

    Any ideas ?!

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