NTSC + PAL on same DVD ?



Does anyone know of any DVD-Video that has been released with NTSC version on one side of the disc and a PAL version on the other ?

If so I'd really appreciate if you could contact me at [email protected] - I'm doing some research for a work related project. I need to find out the title of the movie and track down some more information on the production of the disc.
Hi Shabby,

I doubt you'll ever find ANY DVD with that kind of combination of factors on it. Normally, a film or TV show that is designed to be watched in both European and US territories, will be recorded only in the NTSC format. It wouldn't be cost-effective for any company to release a disc with both PAL and NTSC transfers on it, not to mention kind of a redundant feature.

Good luck, but don't hold your hopes up too high for this one.

Thanks for the reply Pooch.

In my case it might well be cost effective since it would mean only one production run of a Region 0 Disc.

I have not been able to find out for sure if all PAL DVD players can playback NTSC DVDs - if that were the case then we could use the US NTSC master and ensure it's a region 0 disc.
The Shamen also have a hits DVD which is PAL on one side and NTSC on the other!

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