NTSC - PAL conversion problem



Multisystem TV
Pioneer DVR 650H-s
NTSC satelite reciever

The SAT goes into the DVR via S-video. The DVR outputs to the tv via HDMI.

If I set the SAT to output in PAL, the picutre is OK but way out of sync with the sound.

I can overcome it by manually re-setting the DVR but its hassle as my other sources are PAL.

Why doesn't the picture syc with the sound & how can I fix it?
(I did buy a NTSC/PAL converter. It worked but the picture quality was unacceptably bad)


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
the conversion to HDMI inside the DVR is adding a processing delay to the video. Some DVRs also seem to buffer the content going in somewhat making the delay even more significant (especially noticeable when you are running audio direct to your AV receiver). If your AVR does not have audio delay built in you can use a Felston box to do the job (Felston DD740 4 input digital audio delay).

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