NTSC or PAL for correct runtime on non movie DVD?


Tommy Angelo

I want to buy the Coldplay Live 2003 DVD and it comes in PAL or NTSC, but which one of these will run at the original speed?

Will the PAL be 4% faster like with movies?


Staff member
Very unlikely.

PAL 4% speedup is an artefact of transferring 24fps FILM onto video only.

In all probability this was shot on video, not film.

Tommy Angelo

That is why I am asking, will the NTSC be too slow? There is still doubt in my mind that the PAL could be too fast. I am hoping someone has some idea about how non film footage is converted to PAL and NTSC DVD.


Standard Member
If you're talking about the Live 2003 DVD, then it was shot on 16mm film. However, as I imagine this was only ever intended as a DVD release then the film would have been run at 25fps (for PAL) or 30fps (for NTSC). As it was shot in Australia it's possible it was 25fps since they use PAL. Speed up only occurs with PAL when transferring from 24fps film, and NTSC is unaffected in terms of speed. So whether you're purchasing this as a Region 1 or 2 disc, there will be no problem with the audio. Hope this helps.

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