NTSC only prog scan player


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Im about to take the plunge and order the Panasonic S75 off of richer sounds website for £105.

I've been searching for a budget NTSC only prog scan player for AGES now, and the panny seems to fit the bill. Others I've looked at are the Tosh 520 (£80 in richersounds if u can find it in stock!) and the yammy 540.

I've gathered that the panny is the best of the lot, esp to partner with my Toshiba 36ZD. Can anyone give anymore advice on a different player perhaps or which component cables to buy with it?

Any help greatly appreciated as I dont have time to demo them!



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for a bit more you can get a PAL/NTSC prog scan Sony DVP-NS730 with a very good deinterlacer for its price class. no hi-rez audio though.


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I have the panasonic s75 and must say for the price its an excellent player. However, check that RS actually have stock, as there not the most reliable company for actually having anything you want in stock.

Or how about this for an alternative, the same player as the s75 but with 5 disks. The Panasonic DVDF65


and the same price as you were going to pay anyway.


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Actualy I had seen that player, but I didnt know it was NTSC prog scan! Im actualy rather tempted, although I know what a pain multi-disc players are if you forget which film is in which tray.

Anyone bought/demoed this player?


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Multidisc players can be a little less reliable especially at reading discs. Normally you pay more for them and its then a no brainer to go the single disc route. Howver if there an equal price and the obvious added convenience of the multidisc units it get tempting. I wonder though if its being sold at the same price as the S75 whether theres a reason for this? I.e. its less reliable or simply not as good performance wise.


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My thoughts exactly, until I get any feedback off of any satisfied owners it'll be the S75 I reckon.

Anyone else got anything to bring to the table?

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