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    I have a NTSC Mini DV camera. I want to record the NTSC film from the mini DV camera onto DVD discs.

    Would I be able to connect the DV camera via a i-link connection on a dvd recorder and record the footage and then view the video on a UK (dual NTSC/PAL) tv?

    Would an alternative be to purchase and connect a Firewire card for my pc, connect the mini dv camera to this and download the video to my hard drive and then write the video to a DVD disc with a DVD writer? And would this need to be converted from NTSC to PAL if my tv displays in both these modes or could I just keep the format as NTSC? I know it doesn't matter what format the video is in when downloading onto your PC, as it doesn't really care but does it matter what format the video is written to DVD disk?

    Thanks for any help you can give.


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    Interesting question.

    If you buy a DVD Recorder that is able to record NTSC (I know the Pioneer range does, and I believe Panasonic too – I know the Toshiba does not), and it has a DV input, than I see no reason why this wouldn’t work. The recorders can’t convert (NTSC to PAL), but they should be able to take a NTSC DV input and record it as NTSC. However I’d check with the manufacturer (or better yet, take your DV camcorder into a shop and try it) to be sure.

    Your alternate method will certainly work. With a PC, you can “capture” any DV footage, either NTSC or PAL. You can then on the PC create either a NTSC or a PAL DVD. As most UK DVD players and TVs will play a NTSC DVD (usually using PAL-60, but some with true NTSC), then the easiest and probably best quality solution is to create a NTSC DVD. You can use editing/authoring software to do a standards conversion (convert NTSC to PAL in this case), but the quality of this varies.


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