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Hi all, quick question on behalf of my dad.

Do all LCD tv's support both PAL and NTSC?

He's brought a Linksys media extender which only outputs NTSC not PAL - but i assume his Reilsys woolwroths job 32" should handle it?


Chris Muriel

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Many do support NTSC. However most USA models do not support PAL.
I am assuming you're referring to composite video here - not 50/60 Hz which is a different issue.

Chris Muriel, Boston (normally Manchester)


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It may be composite, but could also be component.

Can you explain to me the 50/60Hz issue? I would of thought LCD's acted more like computer monitors and would have diapleyd any resoltution / format!



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thanks for that, however i know it supports PAL - question is will it support NTSC. My own LCD has a scart but it still handles NTSC as well.

His TV does play USA (R1) dvds so unless the dvd player converts it i assume it will take NTSC....(unless his dvd player is a multisystem)

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