NTSC laserdisc to E30?


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I'm trying to convert some NTSC laserdiscs (from a Pioneer 2950 player) to DVD format. With PAL discs I can capture the footage via A-DV conversion (on my Sony camcorder) and then convert it to Mpeg2 and then burn to DVD-R. Unfortunately the camcorder won't convert NTSC output from the laserdisc player, and the PAL mode from the NTSC disc is PAL 60 which is also can't handle.
Does anyone know if the E30 would handle this signal ok?

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The E-30 will only handle a true NTSC signal or true PAL. I was unable to make a disc from NTSC tapes played on a PAL vcr that did NTSC playback; the picture came out a mess. When I finally got a NTSC vcr, the E-20 (same functionality) handled it perfectly.

If your laser disc can output normal NTSC (as oposed to PAL 60), then you'll be fine.

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