NTSC is it 24 frames or 30 frames per second ?



I have just received Underworld region 3 edition and checked the framerate on my dvd player, when paused its kinda jerky the motion so i checked it carefully and found it to be 30frames per second, i checked my region 2 edition of Tomb Raider it was perfect still frame when paused and runs 24frames per second as does all my region 1 releases all 24 frames per second my question is why ? is this a 3/2 pulldown effect on the region 2 Japanese and region 1 American releases which results in perfect still frames and 24 frames per second and why are region 3 releases such as Underworld 30 frames per second and not 24 ?


the 2:3 pulldown is based on 24 progressive frames per second.... so it should read 24 FPS for NTSC. The 2:2 for PAL is also based on 24 so it follows likewise.

I cant think why 30 would have come up, but a friend suggested that NTSC video may well be interpreted as 30 FPS. This of course doesnt say much for the disc..... what is its source?



The disc is i believe from Hong Kong its the Underworld Region 3 single disc edition it looks fabulous and sounds fabulous but is 30frames per second and when paused the frame is jerky.

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This is one for RichardA:

I think alot of HK stuff appears to run at 30FPS. It was 30FPS source material that was causing lots of artifacts on a scaler at CES..........NTSC video source material is 60Fields per second/30 frames per second.

PAL film source is 2:2 but I'd have expected it to read 25FPS
NTSC film source is from 24 original film frames but runs at 30Frames per second. (That's why the 2:3 sequence is put in, to get 24 up to 30 frames in a second)
What exactly is it your DVD player is supposed to be measuring?



I just noted that the Japanese and American dvd's seem to run 24fps and have perfect still frames when u pause the film but certain region 3 titles seem to run at 30fps and the still frame is not very good at all and appears jerky and i wondered why this is.

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