NTL won't supply digital - what is best FTA receiver?


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Aug 5, 2002
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I have NTL analogue, and with a new Loewe 34" Aconda want to upgrade to a digital signal. My base TV pack from NTL will go from £12 to £20 a month for the upgrade. But can I get them to supply it? - no I can't. One of many NTL telereps I spoke to said they are only interested in broadband connections currently. I already have broadband from them, (another £25 a month), so can't tempt them to call with a new digital receiver.

£8 extra a month, if NTL wanted my money for the upgrade, would after a year nearly buy one of the FTA receivers. So I'll go that route instead. Which one?

The new Pace seems highly thought of but has restricted connectivity. I'd want to use a VCR and watch other channels while recording.

Which FTA receiver delivers the best package and is likely to be in stock over the next few weeks?

Thanks for views and comments.

Wait for the twin tuner PVR from Pace
Hear hear. But if you can't wait I suggest you try to find a deal on a Pace 735 (old ITV Dig box but still currently the best in my view, especially if you live in a fringe area).
Thanks guys

Was in Currys this pm. They had the little Pace, a Grundig and a Nokia. The only one with a price ticket still attached was the Nokia, at £119.95. When I asked, the only thing in stock was a "reconditioned" Nokia at £80.

These are the rehashed ITV D boxes I understand from elsewhere on these pages. And from the the same source, not worth having.

How long to wait for the bigger Pace?

BTW, the current picture from NTL analogue is grainy unless viewing well back. (It's a 32" screen, not 34" as mentioned above, - well it is new :blush: )
I'm assuming that I'll be happy when able to feed in a digital signal. Is anybody able to reassure me? Full spec of telly is Loewe Aconda 9381ZW.


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