NTL to buy cable rival Telewest for £3.4 bln

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The deal, long expected since both companies emerged from their financial restructurings several years ago, is designed to create a more effective competitor against rivals like telecoms operator BT Group and satellite broadcaster BSkyB.
NTL Chief Executive Simon Duffy will take over as chief executive of the combined company, while his Telewest counterpart Barry Elson will stand down. NTL Chairman James Mooney will keep his job, and Telewest Chairman Cob Stenham will become deputy chairman.


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i wonder if there will by any name changes.

as for the news, well... :mad: uncapped merging with capped isps does not make me happy


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Erm...what will it mean for the average joe?

This average joe mind you quit BT, NTL and Telewest yrs ago


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In my opinion it is good for the average joe - the merged company will be able to compete more effectivley against Sky and BT and now they are restructured, they will hopefully begin to make bigger investments into their technologies. Things like PVR's have not emerged from cable companies as of yet due to lack of cash for them to invest.

Telewest and NTL cannot operate in the same areas hence have never been able to compete against each other (in the consumer market) therefore the merged business will have more mass nationwide.

In terms of prices I don't think they will change much as they are always lead by sky and at the mid end of the internet prices. But I would hope that the services would improve.


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It don't matter. I can't go to proper high speed xMB broadband until BT upgrade the exchange near to me in Manchester

That Manchester Uni can have 8mb speeds gets my goat. Shame I'm in north Manchester


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NTL have awful CS. Telewest have fantastic CS in my experience. I wonder which way the joint company will go?

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