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though my Q needed a new, more appropriate, heading

I picked this up from an old thread but i still have a problem...

thread : Different Sound Levels on NTL Pace

"To access the eng. screens:-

remove power from rear of box for a few seconds.
plug power back in and hold down the UP and DOWN buttons on the front panel untill the engineering screen appears. navigate with the front panel buttons.
"you aint seen me right" jon"

Great... except for one thing.

after i change the vol setting to +10, i am prompted to press either the "services" button on the STB or the "tv" button on the remote. (These "save config" methods are listed on-screen and I've tried it both ways.)

I then have to power off the box to get back to the normal ntl cable TV viewing screen.
( there doesn't seem to be any other way to break out of the engineering screen without doing this )

at this point it appears to forget the new volume config setting of + 10. I went back into the enginner mode again
and sure enough it has not saved the new +10 setting.

so i presume that either the "services " button or the "tv" button on the remote, are not actually saving my new setting,
they are working but, in conjuction with these "save configuration" options you also have to breakout of the engineering menu in a different way to just powering off the box

advice anyone plz ??


On the Pace D14001N box, you need to press select and then services, then remove power to re-boot.
I have not come across the Volume adjustment on this model.


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