NTL signal to Thomson Rear Projection



I've just set up my NTL box with a Thomson Scenium 44 JW 613, but frankly the picture quality is pretty poor, very blocky, and not at good with things like sport. Its still got the original SCART running between the two, so I was thinking of getting a better quality SCART, or will this not really help?

I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to this stuff, so I don't know much about S-Connections or RGBs! Could someone advise what cables/connections I should get to improve my NTL picture?



Just to clarify too, the Thomson is CRT rear projection. Sorry if I'm stating the obvious there....


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The best picture you can get from an NTL box is 'RGB'.

Go out and buy a 1/2 decent scart cable - IXOS & QED are decent brands generally - and then refer to your TV manual to check which of the scart sockets are RGB enabled and plug the TV out scart socket on the NTL box to one of the RGB scart sockets on your TV.

Connect up the scart and then go into the setup menu on the NTL box and ensure that the display is set up as RGB & widescreen (16:9) ratio.

Unfortuantly if the picture quality of my NTL box is anything to go by (and it is only on a 32" TV) dont expect miracles but it is as good as it gets from an NTL product

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