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I have Sky at the moment and I understand that to get 2 feeds you need to get dual LNB on the dish run another cable then purchase another digibox I dont really wnat to sky dishs stuck in my living room just to watch one and recorde another sky + is not an option because I use windows media center 2005 on my pc and I love it !
With NTL if you have 1 feed can you split the feed get another box and then be able to watch one and record another ?
If not can you tell me what are the options with NTL and how it compares to sky please.
Thanks guys.


You can get satellite receiving cards for the PC which can recieve digital satellites. Pinnacle do one which will accept CAM's (conditional access modules) for encrypted services. You would still need a dual LNB on the dish for this.


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Yes you can split the ntl signal I had it split 3 ways, 1 box in the living room and 2 boxes in bedrooms and a further split from a bedroom feed to a broadband modem. They charge £15/month for each extra box.

"How does ntl compare to Sky?"

Ahh............. I'd by biased as I left ntl yesterday after a fall out over poor service and choice for the price. I rejoined Sky yesterday. Their packages are cheaper (top tier £9.50 difference) and extra receivers from sky are £5/month cheaper (granted you have to buy the sky box).

But I have been left with a bad taste as far as ntl are concerned.......you might have picked that up. :rolleyes: There are threads here and other forums where you might get a better idea of comparisons.

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