NTL installed today.... PVR Needed ??



Big fan of divx and all mpeg4 type stuff, but have always downloaded files/movies/tv shows. never really had any probs!

BUT - today i have the full NTL service being installed today and as things are begining to slow down on the access of good quality divx downloads i want to make full use of the programs that are now availible to me... i.e. i want to now digitally record the tv.

Do i go down the 'tivo' route or get a full screen capture card (and which one is best ?)

## My concerns are that an external box wont be able to transfer the files digitally so that i can backup them onto a cd/dvd - or am i wrong? ##

Any help taken in good faith!!


Hi Brianryan and welcome to the forum.

I would recommend you go for a TiVo as it is the ONLY PVR that will work with NTL. Your only other option is to go for a DVD recorder with just VCR type recording options, but obviously far better quality.
As you suspect there is no digital output from an NTL box and even TiVo does not record a digital stream. There are no options for direct digital recording of cable. The only outputs are composite and RGB. If you do go for a TiVo then there are ways (allegedly that is :devil: ) to extract the video to a PC to be backed up to DVD etc, but as that is not strictly legal we wont talk about it here :nono:


richard plumb

Distinguished Member
I'd get a tivo. You can easily modify it to add a larger drive, or increase the recording quality. You can also apparantly extract stuff, and so it can be handy having your recordings set to 720x576...

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