NTL digital:picture quality any good



thinking of moving from sky as my digibox is playing up flashing picture on rgb output.could some kind soul tell me if the ntl box outputs rgb and whats the picture quality like is it as good as skys better worse.tv will be a sony kv32fx68 when its delivered on tuesday. any opinions much appreciated


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The picture quality through RGB SCART is fine.

I can't compare to Sky, but on NTL some of the channels are quite low quality. Watched a film on ITV2 the other night, and the quality was quite bad - bitrate was too low, there were visible bands of colour in some scenes.

chris l.

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Had NTL (ex C&W in North East Manchester) for a few years now and I always considered it to be very good via RGB (especially when compared to traditional analogue).

I however recently got a Nokia 221T free view box (for the bedroom) and compared it against NTL on 30" LCD and Z2 at 100" via component just for curiosity sake and the Nokia 221 clearly had the edge.

Admittedly I live on the edge of the Pennines with a perfect view / signal from the main transmitter for the North West. But the quality was definitely better then NTL and as the Nokia 221 was £90 and NTL is £10 a month, bye bye NTL.



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