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NTL Digital - Pace STB Service Menu


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does anyone know how to get into to the service menu of the NTL Pace Digibox. I need to change the UHF channel it outputs on as it's clashing with terrestrial reception. NTL, in their infinite kindness, won't tell me - insisting that I take a morning off work and pay them £50 to get an engineer to do it. Have tried searching the web with no results, any help would be appreciated,


I'm not at home at mo so can't confirm this but I'm pretty sure you power off and then press and hold the up and down cursor buttons on the front of the box together while re powering it up - keep them held until the service menu screen appears.

If that doesn't work let me know and I'll play with it - I know I've been there after watching over an engineer's shoulder while he was fixing mine once;)



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That gets you ino the service menu but I think you have to make contact with NTL before you are permitted to change the UHF channel- crazy!


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Thanks very much guys,
a quick trip to the service menu was all that was required. I can't say I feel too bad about depriving NTL of £50 for what took a whole 30 seconds ;)
NTL said they couldn't help, Pace said they wouldn't help (said I should ask NTL) yet this board provided an answer within 20 minutes of asking a question..... what a great place!


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