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    Aplogies in advance because I'm sure this question has been asked a million times before...

    can anyone tell me how to split the digital and analog signals i receive from ntl?
    The digital tv signal i want to view on my main TV whilst the analog signals i want to route to other tv's in the house.
    If i connect the incoming signal directly into the main tv, i can receive the analog channels in the normal way and route them to the other tv's in the house - no probs there!.
    the problems arise when i try to 'split' the signals using either a 'Y' piece type splitter or a 4 way amplifier.
    With the 'y' piece splitter, the digital signal does not appear at all.
    With the 4 way amp, the signals recieved are rubbish (possibly over amplified?).

    ntl have changed the STB. They also tell me that the signal strength is very low - has this got anything to do with it?

    I had none of these problems before when i was on the analog ntl service.

    Yours in despair,

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