NTL Cable - pixelation?


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i have ntl cable and am not that impressed with the RGB picture into my toshiba 36ZP18. it seems to pixelate (is that spelt right?!) and am not sure wether its the tv or cable box? has anyone else got this problem or am i just being fussy:confused:


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Most affected channels wouldn't happen to be BBC 2 and E4 would they by any chance? It's a pain in the arse, and NTL just say it's because of low signal. I keep on at them to boost the signal, but they don't seem to be very enthusiastic about such an idea.

I have the same TV and NTL digital.

When my digibox died and a new one was installed the engineer (who seemed to know his stuff) said that the NTL Pace digiboxes were known for poor RGB conversion and said I should always use composite. I have one of the older boxes (that can't use IR control).

He suggested I connected via S-video scart. I did notice some improvement, although I think the pixellation is down to poor signal more than anything.

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