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I'm not sure if this is an NTL problem or a Telly problem, but...

I've just swapped a Panny 28ps1 and (perhaps because I am paying more attention to the picture quality) I am truly appalled at the picture I am getting through my NTL digital box.

Even through good quality scarts and RGB input, the number of times the picture resolution resorts to a number of 1cm large pixels of colour is very worrying.

On any sport, the pitches are moving 1cm blocks of colour, and any slightly dodgy pictures (eg, foreign news pics, and eurosport stuff) are soon reduced to very low grade pixed pics.

A couple (3 !) of questions :

Has anyone else noticed their NTL performance dropping recently (I live in Herts).

Could there be a problem with my box that can be solved with some sort of cunning reboot ?

Is it actually more likely to be problem with the telly not processing a slightly dodgy picture. Note that it's only a 50hz telly, so shouldn't be doing too much processing. (though dvd playback looks acceptable)

Any feedback welcome. Telly is from JL so can be easily replaced if this is the most likely source of the prob. Just don't want to go through all the hassle if it's an NTL issue.

Hi dtdt,

Could be the box, but best trying all the connections are good and giving it a few reboots before asking ntl for a new one.

Where exactly are you located?

Located in Hertford.

It's a cabletel installation.

Box is a pace 4001

The only way I've seen of 'rebooting' is to take the power out of the back. Is there a better way ? Like an on/off switch for instance.....

Do these things have engineers menus showing bitrates etc ?

Thanks for the interest

They do have an engineers menu, but I can't remember how to, they're normally bomb proof. It sounds to me like a not adequate cable feed, weak signal, but I've been known to be wrong! My own NTL has never done any such thing on any display, and my crt is perfectly horrid. The only way of rebooting is to cut the power.
Hi dt,

Only way to reboot is to to take the power out the back of it. And best not to go into engineering screens unless your sure what your looking for.
I'm presuming that its not a new ntl install, just a new TV.

A few suggestions if you haven't already tried them would be to

1. check in the settings that the box is set to RGB and not composite.
2. Noticed that set has an AAI (artificial artifact intellegence) system. Try switching that off if possible.
3. Try your old set again to see if the artifacts are still there.
4. And last thing I'd try is to get the box swapped out.

Hope this helps


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