NTL and Telewest Broadband


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2 freinds of mine need wireless Modems Routers (like the Netgear 834G)
does nayone from past expereince knwo if there are are any models that are not compatible with NTL and Telewest Broadband?? also what does every one recommend? i reall liek the NETGEAR 834G becasue of ease of use. should i go for those again? or do you recommened something else?


Both Belkin and D-link have worked fine with NTL here,



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I've got a Linksys one and it works great. Have a butchers at this site for some ideas and what will and won't work. As long as you stick to the broadband routers instead of the ADSL ones, you should be fine. I got my Linksys from them, not the cheapest, but still a good price :smashin:



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