NTL Analog - Film Four ?


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Found this on the Film4 website...

On which channels will Film4 be available?
Film4 will be on:
Channel 31 on Freeview
Channel 315 on Sky
Channel 701/50 on NTL
Channel 444 on Telewest

How many Film4 channels will there be?
A one-hour time-shifted channel will be available on the following channel numbers:
Channel 316 on Sky
Channel 714 and 46 on NTL
Channel 445 on Telewest

I'm using 50 & 46 on NTL digital so try 701 & 714


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Aahh, Channels on Analog don't go that high..

My bet is that they won't put it on in attempt to move people across to digital.

What gets me is that they start with digital signals and send them down to analog users anyway - often see the typical digital 'blocking' on analog channels which is a bit of a giveaway isn't it ?
Which reminds me - how does the analog switch off affect cable users ? NTL (et al) could just carry on doing what they do now and convert digital to analog and push it down the pipe...
Oh yeah, if they did that I wouldn't have to upgrade and pay more. At the mo don't have phone line with NTL as when it was installed (eons ago, still have a Jerrold box !) it was not a requirement as it is now.

Their three for 30 not the great deal it looks - and an outage takes you off the air in every way... hopefully they will try to compete better now that Sky is getting in on the act. but with the debt NTL carries....

Will prod around the NTL for(a)um.


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Well their website doesn't show FIlm Four in the 'full' list of channels.

Nor does it show separate lists for the three levels of package on Analog - merely the full list for the most expensive one. Kinda makes it hard to choose either of the others...

Gotta stop typing now - its too difficult to do when my arm is being twisted...


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think film 4 was dropped off the analogue system a couple of weeks ago I know it did on the Telewest platform


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They did make some changes a week or two ago but no real loss. Bravo and summat else IIRC.
But Film Four being touted as now free - which to my mind makes it part of the terrestial free bunch type of channel.
may give them a ring but no real point I suppose. theie website 'breakdown' of the channels on Analog has just been changed to give information only suitable for selecting the maximum package.

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