NTL Analog Broadband installation question


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I have phoned NTL but have had several different answers so though I would see if anyone has got the service here.

I want to have the NTL standalone broadband service installed and just have a few questions.

1 Do they run another cable down your drive? If not do they branch it off the TV or telephone cable?
2 If they branch off the existing cables do they branch it off the end or can they splice it anywhere along the length of the cable?



If you have an existing Ntl tv installation they will have to replace the cable right from the junction box which I assume is outside your house, probably on the path. They will run a cable from the junction box that is fitted to your outside wall. They cannot splice into an existing cable.


Chris Muriel

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How can it be analogue ?
I would expect the broadband installation to be digital.
For a user of an existing (normally Pace) digital cable receiver, they run a cable from the RJ-45 socket at the back of the STB (Set Top Box) to an RJ-45 wall socket. They then run cat-5 cable from there to wherever the PC is. In my case they didn't even use a network card in the PC ; instead they used a USB-to-ethernet adaptor dongle - convenient & works well.
For a separate cable modem , they would need to connect (as the other replier wrote) to the box that's mounted normally on your external wall. The exterior box is connected via a so-called siamese cable ( TV-signal + phone line in one sheath) to the nearest street cabinet .

Chris Muriel, Manchester (just got back from 9 days in Boston where all the cable TV is still analogue).


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We currently have analog TV and telephone service and didn't want to upgrade to digital TV. So we want the stand alone broadband service installed.

We have one cable going round the back of the house for the TV and one going to the front for telephone. I can't recall ever seeing a junction box but I shall have a look.



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I had a similar set up with Telewest, I believe they just had to install a new junction box inside the house and then simply place a filter on the analogue TV box.

No need for the garden to be dug up.


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I had NTL phone + dial up internet + FM radio service. I'd dumped the analogue TV a while back. I've always had their FM radio service from day one. It was a one off payment and had a separate coax cable laid for that at the time.

When my broadband was installed, they changed the junction box inside the house to a newer one. Then used the FM coax cable to connect to the broadband. It had enough bandwidth capacity (easily) to carry the FM and broadband. Then it was split at the other end, one feed to the tuner and the other to the pc/modem.

My pc and hifi are in another room to the junction box.


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I have a NTL phone line, but a SKY digibox. I also subscribe to NTL broadband (for 1.4 years now).

They install a new cable - so yes they will dig up the ground to the source.


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There is no need to change the incoming cable to your house (unless its damaged or very old). All they will do is connect another coax cable into the brown (or grey?) box on the side of your house, the new cable will go to where ever your CM is to be located. The installer can also split the original cable inside the house if necessary.

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