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Jun 21, 2002
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Hi - I've been doing some quick research on the topic of allowing my back bedroom TV to receive the signal from my NTL Pace box in the lounge. The background to this is that I currently have a small portable TV in the back bedroom (no SCART). In future I would like to upgrade this TV. Currently the picture is rubbish as I don't even have a connection to an analogue aerial in that room.

So I was thinking I would have to run a coax cable from the NTL Box in the lounge to the small TV in the back bedroom. I am not too keen on this idea - or rather my wife is not keen on this.

So it seems that the best option might be to invest in digisender box to transmit the signal from the NTL box in the lounge to the back bedroom. And I guess then purchase a SCART to RF cable switcher for the small portable?

This will cost in the region of £90 I think (£79 for digisender and I guess about £10 for the cable). I am hoping to upgrade the spare TV in the near future too so I really want a decent picture in the spare room. The other thing I have read is that the digisender is not compatible for sending remote control signals with the NTL Pace box. I think there is a new tool coming out for this purpose but am not too bothered about changing channels remotely (if you know what I mean).

Is the best approach? Are there any other options? Thanks is advance for any advice.

I took the coax route. I looped the video out to our booster in the loft so all the TV's in the house can recieve NTL. I also purchased a powermid to enable control of the box from any room in the house.

It works very well until people start turning the stations over.
My son has the AEI digisender from Argos (79.99) which works perfectly with the Pace 4001NC STB.You don't need any coax with this sender. You can plug the receiver unit into a VCR scart - assuming you have a VCR of course- and loop the NTL signal into the TV via RF.
The senders only transmit IR signals if the STB uses the RC5 IR format and does not as yet handle IRDA signals although a separate unit is due out shortly.
You can of course try out the AEI didisender from Argos under their 16 day money back guarantee - if it works , fine , if not take it back.
Their website appaers to be unavailable at the moment:-
I've installed the Philips digisender which cost £99 from Tesco.

It attaches to the SCART outlet of either your main TV or video and then is a SCART in to your second set.

Obviously you need to find a way of getting it in to the RF of your portable - I would look around for an old VCR in the second hand ads in the paper which has a SCART and use that as a feed to the portable.

Better still - if you are buying a new portable, get a stereo one and the Philips will transmit full stereo sound to it.

The only issues are, it doesn't handle RGB pictures - only composite - if that's not an issue, it works very well.
Thanks to all for replies - I'll nip and get the digisender this w/e and connect via an old video (SCART) which I have at parents' house.



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