Hi all

Just a quicky question.
My current PC is dying BSOD all over the place and random. Memory test fails but mem modules fine in my other machine............ Anyway my point

Thinking of buying a new PC that will probably have Vista and need to pull files off my old SATA drive in dying machine. Are the harddrive file structures the same on Vista and XP ?? If I mount the old SATA drive (XP format)should I be able to read the files OK on the Vista machine.

Think it should be OK but wanted to check

Thanks :thumbsup:


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Yes you should be able to, with Vista its NTFS only, am sure your existing XP disk is probably NTFS too (if it isnt it should be you get better performance) as long as you have the facility to plugin your old disk as a secondary disk or use a spare SATA channel the new machine should recognise it fine.

It will boil down the connectivity of the old drive (IDE/SATA) and if the new machine can take it if its IDE etc.


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Buy a machine with XP and no problem :) .. IMHO Vista is an O/S looking for a reason to exist, far more trouble than it's worth.

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