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nte5 plate and a telephone extension


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My router is upstairs and has been quite happily working through a telephone extension. Nothing fancy a 15quid jobby from Argos.

Anyway was given aN NTE5 plate and though I'd stick it on and see what happens.

When I opened up the extension cable reel though, there was no lovely blue/brown/orange or blue and white/orange and white/white with blue, there was

(from left to right)

Anyone know what to stick where? I have had a google and found nothing!

Any ideas, or am I best stepping away from everything and just be happy with what I have got!




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The telephone line is on pins 2 & 5.
If you're adding the cable yourself, it doesn't matter which pair you choose, just make sure they are connected to pins 2 & 5 on both ends.

Pin 3 is RING and pin 4 is not used. Don't connect anything to these.

You will not damage anything by trying different pins to see which ones are connected at the other end, if you can't see the colours inside the plug.

Bear in mind, that the RING pulse is around 50V. If your holding the wires and someone phones you, you will know about it !


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You only need two wires connected, (pins 2&5) and if you can't see which ones are connected in the plug, just use trial and error.
As I said, you won't break anything. If you get it wrong, it simply wont work.

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