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NS1000 - Goldring Noise Cancelling


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Mine have just arrived from Play :) Well I am impressed with the sound quality with noise cancelling switched on but with it switched on the mid range is Very muffled and the highs are dull. In fact the whole sound is muffled without the noise cancelling switched on. With it on the sound is great, nice bass, clear and punchy mids and nice clear highs.

I think I will have to get some rechargeables ready.

They do seem very comfortable, so far more comfortable than my PX200's. The PX200's give me a bit of ear ache after a couple of hrs. So far had the NS1000 on for about 2.5 hrs and still nice and comfortable.

Has anyone else found such a huge difference between noise cancelling on and off on the NS1000?


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With me it depends with the source.

With my PC via soundcard, the source delivers enough power to drive the headphones reasonably well so I dont require the Noise Cancellation to be turned on which acts as an amp.

With my MP3 player i need the NC turned on.

I am currently buiding a small pocket amp to resolve this issue,

P.S this is the same for most/all high impedance head phones


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Cheers for that. I forgot the impedance changes when the noise cancelling is on or off.
I have just tried on my old Rotel RA921 amp and they do still sound poor with NC off but I have just tried on my trusty old iRiver H340 (mp3 player) and they are great NC on or off!!!!!

Thats quite interesting.

Thanks again.
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No problem, I would recommend buying a small headphone amp.

Check out the Fiio E3 or E5, these can be had for as little to £5-10 if you look in the right places and will have a positive effect for your phones.

Or try building a Chu-Moy style amp, very fun,


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Cheers. My iRiver H340 drives them well so no amp needed. :)

To be honest I would build one but at £15 delivered for a Fiio 5 including rechargable battery built in I wouldn't even bother getting my soldering iron out. :)


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I've seen the Fiio5 for £10, but theres no fun in that

So building one at the cost of £30.

I'm in the market for a new MP3 player, but will still use the amp.

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