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Aug 13, 2001
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very impressed by this game,beats the crap out of that pathetic EA cash in on the rugby uninon world for all egg chasers i reckon even though it is LEAGUE :rolleyes:
pfft wot you mean only league.. when union can get there own new rules and ideas and not nick everything from league including there players (robinson) then we may say union is o.k.
england have only become good cos of league defence training..better training and playing the game like league(throwing the ball instead of kicking the ruddy thing,except wilkinson) flame me all you like i`m from the original home of rugby union... RUGBY and the game is still not as exciting as a league game.. sorry..
silverback, is this the new rugby game that has come out as i saw adverts in a mag a while ago for a new rugby game
im not sure mate,i recently seen another rugby game called championship rugby or something like that so it looks like we might be getting a few more rugby games:)
Thats the one, excellent and only one month to go. It will be nice actually having a sports game where England have the strongest team.
lol yeah must be the only MAJOR sport where are national team is any best in the world lol.
Rugby league for the consoles is a class game and it brings across this hard to emulate sport very well. Union is just a messy game anyway designed by a bunch of toffy nosed dullards who wanted to keep the game amature. The Northern Rugby Union (or league as it's now known) has always been the best game, a point proven by the fact that Union seems to be becoming more and more alike league all the time.

As League is a cleaner and quicker game it translates better to video games as well.
and your welcome to your opinion,but im a union man myself so nothing you can say will change my mind lol.but considering this is a GAME forum lets get back on subject ;) nrl is very impressive and i think you do have a point about union being harder to translate to console instead of league.then again jonah lomu was the best rugby game bar none and still is,infact SCREW league, union is king of the world and consoles lol in your face leaguer`s.
Jonah lomu was a good game, much better than any of the more recent union offerings. Rugby League from alternative software is also a top game though and will be enjoyed by the majority of football sports fans whether Association football, RL or RU is your bag.

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