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I have been stuck on this problem for a wee while and wondering if anybody on this forum could give me a little bit of advice.

I have my wedding video on my hard drive under the NRG file i.e. Nero Disc Image just under 4Gb. would it be possible for me to convert this file from *.NRG to MPEG 4 (or anything else away from NRG) so I could watch it on my ps3. If so can you advise what program I could use! I have tried Nero programs but cannot seem to locate a program for converting away from NRG. I have the full version of Nero. (Version 6).

I would use my memory stick to manually transfer the file 4gb to my PS3 hard drive but my memory stick is only 2 GB. Cant think off another way apart from hard wiring.

Any help would be appreciated.


PD :)


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An NRG file is Nero's own disc image file like an ISO, you can't just convert it to an MPEG4 from this as its basically a copy of a dvd/cd in one file. Nero 6 comes with a program called Image Drive which will allow you to mount the disc image and see whats in it, from there if there's a video clip you can convert this to an mpeg4 file to view on your PS3.


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Thanks for the reply.

I can view the file which is a video file with nero media player. Do you have a convert software to mind.


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I'd first try to figure out what format your file is in. If you Google a little program called GSpot and then open the file with it it will tell you the current format and codec being used. An nrg is not a video file format so it sounds like another format with the extension renamed either avi or vob maybe.

Nero Recode should be able to convert the file to a more suitable mepg format which should work on the PS3 or alternatively you should be able to use PSPVideo9 to convert the file.


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Bit of a long winded solution, but could you use Nero to burn it onto a DVD, then re-rip the DVD into .mp4? Or just use the DVD on the PS3?
mount the image to see whats on it first, if its a DVD image (i.e you've got a VIDEO_TS folder) then burn it and watch it :smashin:

you say it plays in nero video player as a video file but in fact it is an image - nero's own video player is recognising its own image format as a standard DVD disc.

you can burn it to a dvd, (with nero burning rom - options - burn image) and it should function as a proper dvd

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