NR609 to set up properly to a pc?


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To start off, I have just purchased this receiver along with some 5.1 martin logans. I have my receiver plugged in through HDMI right into my graphics card. On my computer, it says my receiver is only outputting stereo sound. I have all these nifty sound options on my receiver in stereo and the sound sounds great.

But I have a 5.1 setup. I would like to fully use this 5.1 as much as I can and get the best possible sound. I tried setting up my sound for 5.1, but the the amount of sound options on my receiver decreased. I can no longer choose the THX settings for things but gain one option called Multichannel. Also, all the other sound options didn't really include the back speakers except full channel stereo. I know I'm playing music, but when I had it set in stereo, I still had all my music come through all my speakers.

My question is if I should set my computer options to say the receiver is 5.1? I've watched movies and have had the cool sound options turned on and it sounded like it was in full 5.1 but I'm not sure if that was true 5.1....sure I probably can't tell the difference because I'm not an audiophile, but I'd like find out what true 5.1 sounds like. It's like having my comp say it's in stereo gives me more options and seemingly better sound, but my setup is for 5.1 so I'm confused....Thanks for anyone who helps.


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Well I never got an answer, but I'm just going to stick with the stereo for now. For some reason, the sound quality gets lower when I have it set to 5.1. It's odd, but I'll stick with what sounds better. the surround sound for items that support it actually sound great inputting in stereo but outputting in 5.1. I don't know how it works, but it is. Maybe I should get a sound card and have a better sound dedication method for using this, rather than using my GPU. Maybe my computer is just a big old mess right now and can't do it right.

Hope this helps anyone who may have had a question about this.

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