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NPD: Kicking ass and taking names

Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by PioRow, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. PioRow

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    Jan 28, 2005
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    It seems reggie has been taking a lot of names according to the NPD figures for march. Over 500,000 DS's sold in march and the Wii is still out selling the 360 and the PS3, its out selling the PS3 2:1 which is suprising as the PS3 has far more games then the Wii.
    Also I heard that there are 500,000 pre orders for the DS pokemons that ar eout soon and that they are predicting 1 million sales in the first week. Sony can only dream of those sales figures for a PS3 game!
    My question is how long can this last for nintendo? I believe that the high DS sales are partly new owners and partly people upgrading their old DS's to DS lites. I know I bought a second DS when the DS lite was released, I felt the first DS offered great value for money and the redesign was so good that I didn’t mind buying a new one. But the GBA sales are a mystery! WHo is buying a GBA? They must be so damm cheap that parents are just buying them as a toy for their young children.
    And the wii sales, how long will they last without some good games? They are selling out in all three territories but that cant last much longer? Are there that many super casual or new gamers out there who really want a Wii? I can imagine that there are a number of serious gamers out there waiting for a reason to buy the wii, a Mario galaxy of a Metroid but they arent driving the current wii shortages/sales.

    I have included the NPD figures below. Nintendo makes up 53% of all hardware sold in March, 53%!!!!! That’s ridiculous. They must be raking in the money. They don’t seem to of dominated the software sales in march but they still sold 273K Wii plays which indicates that pretty much everyone who bought a Wii bought wii play as well.
    Could we see the situation where Nintendo become the world wide number one in terms of console sales? Beating botht he PS3 and the 360?


    PS2 - God Of War II 833k
    360 - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 394k
    360 - Guitar Hero 2 W/ Guitar 291k
    Wii - Wii Play W/ Remote 273k
    PS3 - Motorstorm 199k
    NDS - Diddy Kong Racing 189k
    NDS - Spectrobes 165k
    360 -Major League Baseball 2k7 165k
    PS2 - Mlb '07: The Show 164k
    360 - Def Jam Icon 148k


    DS: 508,000 units sold
    PS2: 280,000 units sold
    Wii: 259,000 units sold
    Xbox 360: 199,000 units sold
    PSP: 180,000 units sold
    Game Boy Advance: 148,000 units sold
    PS3: 130,000 units sold

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