Question NP-55 Battery for Sanyo Camcorder


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So I’ve finally got round to getting my Sanyo camcorder to work, sound a cheap Sanyo NP-55 battery online. While searching a noticed that there was a few Sony NP-55 batteries as well.

My question would a Sony NP-55 battery work on a Sanyo Camcorder?
They are the exact same specs, I’m just worried that the shape is different. Need help thanks


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Ultimately, it comes down to trying it... but risky - If they were "the same" then it would be common knowledge . . . if they are both LiON batteries then their charging "should" be the same.... but connections? - I really doubt it.
+ There are plenty of suppliers that make "Me-too" batteries, which should work OK - but they are usually for a specific Brand/Model. Esp. since Mfrs are trying to maintain their high prices.
You pays yr money . . . .


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