Now you see it, now you dont. (Freeview)


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Hi Guys.

Bit of a strange one this.
I have a Humax PVR 8000 and had been enjoying my freeview experience up until a recent 'retune.'
The first retune I did when E4 came on the go was successful enough and likewise when More4 came along.
After that there was another retune needed due to channel renumbering or something?
After that last retune I would have appear to have lost Multiplex 2 99% of the time and others suffer from time to time aswell.
There are a lot of trees around but they had very little affect. There are now less leaves on the trees yet my reception is so much worse !
Could it be a problem with the box ? I am going to try and get a shot of another box to see if it is hardwear based.
Has anyone else had such problems since retuning ?

Oh, and slightly related to this, why when electrical appliances are turned on and off in the house am I getting interference ? The wife's hairdryer just kills the reception all together !?




The source of both of your problems is the same - your aerial isn't good enough. Digital TV either works, or it doesn't - if your signal is "borderline", you will receive channels one day, and won't the next. The electrical interference is causing bad effects because you are lacking in signal, so the intereference being picked up is stronger than the signal. You may also have the old type aerial cable which has much inferior screening than the modern cables. You need a bigger aerial, and possibly some new connecting cable.

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