Now X05 Is Out The Way.......


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Give us just 3 games your groins are stirring over in no particular order:clap:

Heres Mine

1. PGR3
2. Quake 4
3. Fifa 06 RTWC

Seen footage of others and was stunned (nba 2k6 anyone?) but these will do for me!


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Humm, has to be

Although I may leave COD2 for a couple of weeks as PGR3 will take up my time.


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Only two really, Kameo and Perfect Dark. If I had to pick a third it'd probabley be COD2 or PGR3 but I doubt I'll buy them.


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interesting to see everyone has individuality in console gaming. ie everyone not being swayed by the hype of pgr3. ( i know ive picked it but i loved pgr2)

Madden 2006 looks quite simply awesome (probably the most gorgeous sports sim ever) if i understood american football id maybe buy that.


My 3 would be :
1: PGR 3
2: PDZ
3: Kameo

DOA is tempting but not sure. I tend to get bored quickly with fighting games.


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captaineyecatch said:
with some crappy
car game called PGR3 :mad:

Come on Cap you know you wanna.
Bite the bullet and buy it, you know it makes sense :smashin: Even if driving isnt your thing. RPG's arent really my thing but Kameo has stirred me :D



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because it does nothing for me. poor visuals, poor A.I, dull levels. we talked about this in the X05 thread if you want more info on why a few people will not get this


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seen bits and bobs on the forums mainly watching vids but I see where you are coming from was just just curious. The game ahd so much potential but it has kinda fell flat.


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thats were i disagree when i first seen it on the MTV 360 launch there were countless better looking games on the current xbox. it has come on from then but not enough for this generation of games. you can see the powere the 360 can do and im not talking visual terms, stuff like A.I, enviroments & audio etc PDZ has nothing that suggests its a 360 title. its a port from xbox in my eye :)


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1. PGR3
2. COD2
3. Hmmmm...not sure between Ghost Recon and Gears of War

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both PDZ and Kameo are xbox ports, and they are the only games that intrest me at the mo, so i havent got a third sorry


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geewhizz said:
1. C.o.d. 2 :)
2. Oblivion :D
3. Ghost Recon :thumbsup:

You do know that Ghost Recon has been pushed back to February 2006 right ? It's no longer a launch title.


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sorry forgot to add i must give special mention to Condemned: Criminal Origins. this is yet another FPS but at least they are trying to do something new with the genre. this was the first ever xbox360 title i seen IIRC and its gone from strength to strength imo. all the little gadgets look cool and seems to have a nice storyline to back it. i shall be looking out for this one as well

it looks grusome as hell :D dark and you know in 5.1 its gonna frighten the :censored: out of most :) i love games that do the pant wetting

anyone who hasnt seen it i urge you to look here and see what you think


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''Ghost Recon has been pushed back to February 2006''
is this for sure? this was the big game for me, if true going to have to look at other games at lunch now, is there anything similar to G R ?
do you know if top spin tennis 2 is a launch title?


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GR:AW has been pushed back to feb 2006 for sure. top spin 2 is a launch title unless something has changed within the last 2 days


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Since GR:AW was the only game i had ordered, my list is now

1. COD2
2. PGR3
3. Don't have a third joice

Damn Ubisoft for delaying GR:AW as it was the main game i wanted


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Kopite4Ever said:
GR:AW has been pushed back to feb 2006 for sure.


Anyone want to buy an xbox 360, never been opened :D

Ah well, it'll have to be :

Kameo or Oblivion

cant believe they've let GR3 slip :suicide:

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