(Now with quick test and solutions) OLEDs crush a lot more near black detail than you think


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There are 10 or 20 level adjustments (depending on your tv) to cover 256 levels. At best you have one adjustment for the first 12 steps. It doesn't matter how good you are or how expensive your tool is, you can't make the first 3 steps brighter without making the next 9 too bright with only one dial for 12 steps. If you don't have 20 point calibration, you have 10 which halves accuracy - the first 3 get fixed and the next 22 are too bright. And that's just 8 bit colour. These are supposedly 10 bit panels, so if talking HDR, multiply the above by 4 - you still only have 10 or 20 points for the 1024 levels. You could be missing the first 10-15 before it comes out of black, and when fixing them, the next 30 or 60 levels (20 and 10 point TVs) are too bright...

I'm not saying OLEDs don't make a good picture, I think they do. And better than anything else except during the day in bright rooms. I love my OLED and wouldn't trade it for anything - not even a new OLED because I have an excellent panel and don't need 4k120 for now. I thought my 3080 would require an upgrade, but it's only really good to 1440p 120, and 4k is a decent ways away (next gen card probably won't do a solid 4k120, it'll be nvidia's 5000 series)

Anyway, my point is, there is plenty of room for improvement with near black handling.

If you are like I was, thinking we have nothing to look forward to with future OLED/microLED TVs except 1500 nits peak brightness and 250 nits full field white, you're wrong. Near black handling improvement is needed with the 1500 peak/250 full field brightness before TVs are perfect. Good enough that I'll be satisfied anyway lol
This seems to overlook the fact that an LG set for example allows a 3D LUT to be produced and inserted into the video pipeline, via network transfer - 30,000+ point calibration..

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