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Now that the rush has died down.....


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Where are the best places to try and get a premium 360 ?

I have one but my brother wants to join the club.

I live in Ashford in Kent but I believe my local Game are still sold out.

Ideas would be gratefully appreciated........:thumbsup:


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Apparently Virgin or HMV are your best bet... Don't know of either in your area, but I'm sure there must be one?
Alos, have you tried a gamestation?


Standard Member

Virgin in canterbury whitefriars has 360's I saw a sign outside there yesterday, also GAME in folkestone have them, saw them yesterday also, they have bundles but just ask them to sell you a console. If they dont call GAME customer services.




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...lots of places are selling them bundled only which is a bit poor - always the places with REALLY overpriced games too :)


Saw in Woolworths today (enfield town) the premium without the bundle. They had loads of them.

Also my local game, hmv and the independant guy had them in stock.


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I've seen premiums in my Tesco extra and I was in Ashford Tesco (Junct 10 M20) on Tues whilst working down that way and they had two in.


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If you fancy a trip into London HMV in Covent Garden and Piccadilly both had them, as did Virgin in Piccadilly...

The Codfather

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I walked straight into Game in Watford yesterday and came out with a 360 Premium, Extra Wireless Pad, Play & Charge kit and pair of games. When I first asked about the Premium's the guy there said they (apparently) "Had loads". Noticed they had pretty much all the accessories as well, apart from Rechargable Battery Packs, VGA leads and Scart Leads.

Pretty pleased that I managed to get one so easily though :D

Deleted member 92943

GAME in Folkstone said they are expecting some this weekend, which i guess is today


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Yip there now seems to be many to go round.

Panic buying seems to have died down too.

Bring on the big titles now I say.


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I know it looks like I'm going to be waiting a long time...but I might hang on and see what price the 360 is the day the PS3 comes out...

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