Question Now that NVIDIA has stopped 3D support is there anyway to play my 3D rips on my PC?


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Now that NVIDIA has stopped 3D support is there anyway to play my 3D rips on my PC?

have a 1080ti and any film I try to open in MPC just gives me two copies of the film playing side by side. I tried to change my projector to SBS, but that did nothing.

It’s a real pain as my kids change their minds every thirty seconds and I don’t want to continually change discs.


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I'm in the same boat, as far as I know basically you have two options :

1. Stick with the 425.31 drivers.
2. Using newer drivers, but fiddling with injecting 3D vision into them (have a look through this)

If you don't game then option 1 should be fine. My rig is a gaming HTPC so while option 1 may be ok for a while I may miss out on game fixes/optimisations. I've had a quick play with option 2 but it didn't properly take so I may have to do a fresh driver cleanout/re-install and try again when I get time.

Bloody annoying that Nvidia have done this TBH!


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Thanks for the info.

I game too, hence the 1080ti, would be a bit overkill for playing films!

It is very annoying that this has happened. Many moons ago I had an AMD card, but the 3D never worked correctly. Has this been fixed? If so I may purchase an AMD card instead.


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That is a good point that I didn’t consider. NVIDIA have removed 3D support from their drivers. So using the onboard Intel drivers would work.


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Yep, I ripped the mvc title using makemkv, stuck the file on my NAS and that Kodi fork played it back no problem after setting the 3D options ('hardware' and 'as per media' or similar).

Was very very pleased indeed, I'd resigned myself to not being able to watch the 3D version of my US Dredd blu ray.

I used the Krypton mvc fork, as I was using that version of Kodi anyway - meant there was no config to change in portable mode, just copied the folder over, and wouldn't need a new SQL database on the NAS.

Pretty simple, really, for a change!


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Thanks for the help.
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