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Unbeknownst to the general population, an alien force opened an inter-dimensional gate in Antarctica over 30 years ago in an attempt to invade the Earth. The unified forces of Earth formed an elite military unit under command of the United Nations to combat the aliens and to push them back towards their own dimension. But the war still rages on. Rei Fukai is an elite pilot of the Special Air Force (SAF) and designated pilot of the Yukikaze, an advanced fighter armed with a sentient computer control system. When fear of alien infiltration within the SAF spreads, the Yukikaze may be the only weapon humanity has to bring an end to this war.

1. Operation 1
2. Operation 2

Features: 2 - Disc Set . Trailers . Color Screen Printed Disk .
Yukikaze Making Report . Mission Briefing . Technical Data Files
Yukikaze Glossary . Boomerang Squadron Flight Patch

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