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    Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Eurotica, Virtual Reality . Direction: Richard Gabai

    John Lewis, a programming genius, has it all; a beautiful wife and a child, a lavish home and he’s on the brink of making it big after he finishes one last project, a CD-Rom Sex Game; Virtual Girl.

    He soon finds out Virtual Girl isn’t your basic program, it’s a fully interactive, cyber-erotic adventure. John soon begins to suspect that the girl in the program, Virtuality, is more than meets the eye. She has fallen in love with John without him realizing that no one who’s fiddled with this program has lived to tell about it.

    At the same time, a high-powered executive, Cynthia Lee, joins the company, bearing an exact likeness to Virtuality. For John, the boundaries of reality and fiction have all but disappeared.

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